What is "Transfiguration of Mind/Soul/Body" in Path of Exile (POE)? | Gamers Lists (2024)

Path of Exile is a role-playing game you can play online by yourself or with friends. It’s free to play and is quite similar to the very popular game series called Diablo.

What is "Transfiguration of Mind/Soul/Body" in Path of Exile (POE)? | Gamers Lists (1)

You choose a class, and then form different abilities on a skills tree. You acquire equipment to keep yourself protected, heal yourself with potions, and acquire gems that can give you special abilities and enhancements, a lot like what you could do in Diablo.

However, despite the differences, POE has its own story and world, and it does diverge from Diablo a bit when it comes to gameplay.

Many people search online to learn about Transfiguration of Mind, Transfiguration of Soul and Transfiguration of Body so in this article we’ll discuss these POE skills in more details.

What Is Transfiguration of Mind?

The “transfiguration of mind” part of POE is a group of passive skills that come either from an item or from the skill tree abilities you get as you level.

The Mind version relates to your Mana levels. These concern the blue pool you can see on the bottom right side of your screen.

Mana controls how much you can do magic or special abilities. So, more Mana from Transfiguration of Mind abilities means you can perform more magical abilities since you have a bigger pool to draw from.

It can also affect how much damage you do with your normal weapons.

If you run out of Mana, then you won’t be able to cast spells or perform special abilities anymore.

You can use a Mana potion to replenish your pool, but you will only be able to do this so many times before you run out.

That’s why you want to always be getting better Transfiguration of Mind or to conserve what you have.

What Is Transfiguration of Soul?

This refers to a passive skill from your skill tree or from an item that affects your energy shield. It also affects spell damage.

The fact that it’s passive means that it’s not a spell or a skill that you can perform, instead it gives you a bonus to how much your energy can protect you and how much damage you can do to other creatures with your spells.

What Is Transfiguration of Body?

This time, this passive skill focuses on how much maximum life you have. It also affects attack damage at 30%, just like with the other skills.

Life is the red pool that you see on your screen. If you run out of that, then your character will die.

So, the more you have the better off you’re going to be. Otherwise, you will have to conserve your health potions or stay away from damage to avoid death.

Does Transfiguration of Mind Stack in POE?

Unfortunately, no. Whatever skill you have for this that’s at the highest value is what your character will use.

If you get additional Transfiguration of Mind skills that are at a lesser value, then you won’t be able to use them. You will use the best version of it you have instead, and this will determine your Mana pool.

How Does Mind Over Matter Work?

This is a keystone passive skill. Keystone skills mean that they are at the top of a line of skills in your tree. They often have strong abilities.

For Mind Over Matter, it means that 30% of the damage that your character suffers comes from your Mana pool before your Life pool.

So, the blue pool that you normally use for spells will be drained before the red pool, or your Life pool begins to go down.

This makes surviving much easier because your Mana pool serves as a buffer. Your Mana regenerates, and it’s less important than your Life since losing your Mana won’t kill you.

Plus, if you are taking a lot of damage, you can always take a Mana potion to make it even harder to damage you since this will replenish your Mana.

This means that enemies will have to start all over again to get your Mana down before they can start doing full damage to you again.

Obviously, this is on top of whatever you can do to replenish your health. There’s also always running away to try to recover as well.

How Do You Increase Your Intelligence in Path of Exile?

You start with a certain basic intelligence rating based on the class you chose. You can add jewels to your equipment which can enhance intelligence.

Some items can increase all of your stats, including your Intelligence. Amulets can increase this the most, followed by rings and then jewels. Unique items can also increase intelligence.

On top of that, there are quite a few passive skills that increase intelligence. In your skill tree, there are many nodes that increase it by 10 or 15 intelligence.

Keystone abilities can increase it by even more, including Ancestral Knowledge, which can add plus 30 to your intelligence all in one go.

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What is "Transfiguration of Mind/Soul/Body" in Path of Exile (POE)? | Gamers Lists (2024)
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