Pickswise the Free Sports Handicapping Service 2023 (2024)

Pickswise the Free Sports Handicapping Service 2023 (1)

Pickswise (Pickswise.com) is a relative newcomer to the sports handicapping industry. Having launched in 2019, the site has become popular with sports bettors looking for free predictions and analysis.

We explain everything you need to know about the service in our Pickswise review.

  • Pickswise is free for everyone.
  • They offer a massive volume of sports picks.
  • There’s an app, so you never miss out on any of the action.
  • There are various tools, including a prop builder and betting calculators.
  • Live odds and scores are available on the website.


  • None of the pick results are documented.
  • The focus is on promoting sportsbooks and casinos.
  • The picks rating system is too basic and could be expanded.

Pickwise Review

Pickswise is a great platform for sports bettors looking to improve their knowledge. It starts with the free sports picks. There’s no premium membership at Pickwise, everything is free. You don’t even need to open an account. Everything is accessible from the website without having to sign-in.

They release hundreds of free sports picks every month. They primarily cover the major US sports, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college sports. For instance, Pickswise offers picks for every single MLB game throughout the season. They easily release over 5000 MLB picks every season.

The team at Pickwise utilize a three-star rating system. Three-star predictions are the ones they feel the most strongly about winning, so look out for those when browsing through all of the daily plays.

Pickswise will also provide a brief explanation for every play. This is great for new sports bettors, as you can see why the Pickwise experts are making a bet. The experts have a long history in the industry and understand how to win consistently. Follow their advice and you’ll watch your bankroll start to grow.

You may be wondering how Pickswise offers free predictions with no membership fee. Pickwise promotes online bookies in multiple jurisdictions, including the United States and Canada. When users sign-up for a sportsbook account, Pickswise will earn money and that’s how they’re able to offer free sports picks.

They also promote online casinos on the website and earn money from that as well.

Pickswise Key Features

There aren’t currently a lot of features available at Pickswise. The team focuses on sports picks, analysis and betting guides. However, they’re constantly innovating and working on new features for bettors.

For example, they recently released a new “Props Tool” in beta for the NFL season. The tool will highlight the NFL player props offering the most value (biggest edge), saving you from having to research. The tool is expected to expand into other sports after the beta, including NCAAF, NBA, NHL and MLB.

Pickswise focuses on sports predictions. They release more free sports picks than most competitors. The volume of sports picks is massive. However, there are downsides to Pickwise as well. One of the cons is that none of the picks are documented and you’re unable to see how a handicapper has performed.

The majority of sports handicapping services document results and allow users to review how a capper has performed historically. Another con is that they release plays for every game regardless of whether or not the capper thinks there is value. However, that’s mitigated a bit by using a rating system.

It would be much better if Pickswise at least tracked how the picks perform. At the very least, they should track how the three-star picks perform, so that new users can quickly analyze the data. Currently, sports bettors need to track the results on their own, but the Pickswise team have often posted profitable weeks.

Pickwise also offers a betting app in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app will give you access to all of the predictions released daily, allow you to compare odds and claim sportsbook promotions.

Some of the other features include sports betting guides for new gamblers. If you’ve never bet on a sport before, you should first read through the betting guides for that sport at Pickswise. They also offer some betting calculators to utilize, including a parlay calculator and odds convertor.

Pickswise Pricing

As mentioned earlier in our Pickswise review, everything is free. All of the features are free to use and you don’t even need to open an account. Pickwise earn money through affiliate relationships. They offer lots of sports betting and casino promotions for users to take advantage of, which earns them money.

One problem with this format is that Pickswise don’t care how their picks perform. They’re going to make money whether you win or lose and there’s a bit of a conflict of interest going on at Pickwise.

Getting Started

Getting started at Pickswise is simple, as there are no accounts. Simply visit the website and everything is accessible. At the top of the website, there are several links to the most important pages.

The “Picks” link will bring up a list of available picks for all sports. The “Analysis” link will bring you to the news page where all of the latest content published by the experts at Pickwise is available. This section will often feature parlays with huge payout odds, props betting analysis and gambling promotions.

There is also a “Props Tool” link to access the new tool for props bettors. You can also find links to all of the major sports at the top of the Pickswise website. If you only bet on the NFL, click on the “NFL” link to access all of the NFL predictions and analysis. You can also click the “Promos” link for the latest bonuses.

If you’re a mobile user, you should download the app, as it’s easier to navigate than the website when on a mobile device. The app can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Google Play for free.


There’s a lot to like about Pickswise. They release thousands of sports picks monthly for free, which you won’t find offered at many competitors. The experts also rate every pick (1-star to 3-star) and provide the reasoning behind their predictions, which will give new bettors insight into how to formulate winning plays.

There are some problems as well. None of the Pickswise predictions are documented, so there’s no way to quickly look at the overall performance over a certain time period. The only way to find out about the performance of the picks is to track them yourself each day, which is a lot of work that most won’t do.

At the end of the day, Pickwise is completely free and they’re doing a great job to get new bettors into the sports betting industry. However, there are more professional services with more transparency available.

Pickswise the Free Sports Handicapping Service 2023 (2024)
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