People Accuse Woman of Marrying Her Husband for Money – She Proves Their Enduring Love Is Real (2024)

A woman receives rude comments from people judging her and saying she's with her husband for his life insurance. But despite the countless speculations about her relationship, she continues to show the world her love is genuine.


Love is a powerful, heartwarming phenomenon that fosters everlasting bonds and brings complete strangers together. You might have heard the famous saying, "love is blind," which means that when we truly, madly, and deeply love someone, we accept them as they are, without judgment.

Everyone's idea of love is different, but criticizing people based on their personal choices, including who they fall in love with, can only cause them pain and hurt their feelings. The couple in today's story continues to go strong and defy the critics who have a lot to say about their relationship.

People Accuse Woman of Marrying Her Husband for Money – She Proves Their Enduring Love Is Real (1)

Divine Rapsing Smith and her husband. | Source:


Divine Rapsing Smith crossed paths with her husband on Facebook. The duo instantly hit it off and met for the first time in 2017. Knowing what they had was real, they decided to tie the knot.


In a third video, Smith shared how a commenter told her to find a job and stop using her husband's money.

But in their five years of marriage, the couple has been subjected to various speculations, with people questioning their relationship and feelings for each other. Smith revealed that many people have told her how she is "leagues above her husband," doubting her intentions for being with him.


Although Smith says she's happily married and in love, the criticism continues to pour in. However, she and her husband have the perfect response to their critics, which they post in the form of adorable videos on TikTok.

Smith, originally from The Phillippines, has shared numerous clips with her husband, showcasing their lovely bond. Many of her videos are aimed at the mean comments that she and her husband receive from time to time.



While replying to a comment, "girl, don't you think you could do a [little better? Never mind]," Smith and her husband shared a brief response. He replied:

"Yeah, that’s right. You better say never mind because I belong in her life just as much as she belongs in mine. You can't tell me otherwise."

"Now I'm thinking," added Smith while looking at him. The video was shared in July 2022 and has racked up more than 12,000 reactions so far.



In a second video, a commenter asked Smith, "what's the lifespan of that science experiment you call your husband? I used to own sea monkeys too." Her husband replied, "Somebody comparing a marriage to their sea monkey must have a very, very sad, lonely life." Smith quipped, "We're not animals." The video has garnered over 750 reactions to date.

In a third video, Smith shared how a commenter told her to find a job and stop using her husband's money. The 15-second clip showed Smith and her husband swaying to Samantha Gibb's "Good Lovin." The overlay text read:

"I already am. Please tell me how I need to do more."



In a fourth video, Smith was asked by a commenter if she was looking for a new boyfriend. With Shady Blu's "Jealousy" playing in the background, she pulled her husband close, and the overlay text read, "Nope! [I'm] contented with this handsome man as it is." The video has gathered more than 900 reactions so far.

A fifth video included a comment that said, "They may be just [neighbors] doing TikTok." Smith responded brilliantly to the speculator:

"Oh, yeah, my foreign neighbor from the Philippines just comes over every day and we just do TikToks like this."

"No, Ma'am, we're real," added Smith. Then, she turned to her husband and jokingly said, "I gotta go now. My husband's waiting."



In a sixth video, a commenter addressed Smith's husband and accused her of being with him for the green card. The overlay text of the video read:

"I wish that I could take back spoiling her so much. But it's my fault. She never asked for it."


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The video was shared on July 3, 2022, and has over 1000 reactions to date. In another video, someone asked Smith's husband how rich he was, and he answered, "The misconception is that I'm just rich, just because I have a beautiful girl in my life."

He went on to say that people could love someone even if they didn't have money, and everyone should be able to comprehend that. The clip was posted in June and has over 70,000 reactions so far.



Many netizens have flooded the couple's comment section on TikTok with both positive and negative remarks. One person wrote: "People don't see anything beyond a person [besides] looks there you go (sic)." A second user said: "Whatever it is, Man, it's all good, but is he rich?"

Another person commented, "[It's] all about money." But despite the accusations and speculators weighing in on their relationship, Smith and her husband continue to share their love with the world, proving that looks don't matter when hearts are connected.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think this TikTok couple is doing the right thing by addressing the critics and slamming the trolls who judge their relationship? What would you do if you were in their place? Please share your feedback with us on Facebook.


People Accuse Woman of Marrying Her Husband for Money – She Proves Their Enduring Love Is Real (2024)
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