'I'm a hot wife - trolls say my husband's ugly and I'm only after a Green Card' (2024)

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The pair hit it off and started a long distance relationship after a mix-up on Facebook, but have to deal with horrendous comments about their relationship.

By Chris Samuel

'I'm a hot wife - trolls say my husband's ugly and I'm only after a Green Card' (2)

The pair have built a sizeable following online (Image: Instagram / @divinerapsing)

A Filipino woman who met her American husband on Facebook has revealed that they are constantly targeted by online trolls.

Among the vile comments are suggestions that her husband "ugly" due to his auto-immune disease and accusations that she is a "gold-digger" who only married him for a Green Card.

Divine Rapsing first connected with her now-husband Scott Smith in 2017 when she messaged him by mistake while looking for someone else. Despite the mix-up, the pair hit it off and soon started a long-distance relationship, with Divine based in the Philippines and Scott living 8,000 miles away in Texas, US.

Scott flew out to meet Divine in person not long after they got together and proposed to her during their very first meeting. They continued their long-distance romance for another four years, with Scott making five more trips to see Divine and get to know her family.

Scott says his family were intially wary about the situation, but eventually came around. "They didn't really know what to think," he admitted. "They like to physically meet people before they make any kind of judgment. But at the end of the day, we waited four years for each other."

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'I'm a hot wife - trolls say my husband's ugly and I'm only after a Green Card' (3)

Scott says his family didn't know what to make of the whirlwind romance at first (Image: Instagram / @divinerapsing)

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After Divine moved to the US, the pair started sharing their lives on social media. However, they were not ready for the backlash they received.

In addition to the tired trope of people from different countries only marrying for a visa to live in the US, they also faced hurtful claims that Scott is "punching above his weight".

Scott has chronic autoimmune disease called scleroderma, which has changed his appearance, and the couple faced harsh comments about their his looks and her intentions.

The couple, who have a large following on TikTok and YouTube, are frequently told that Scott is "ugly", and that he is "going to die soon". Others accuse Divine of being a "gold digger" with multiple men on the side.

Despite the hurtful comments, Scott and Divine don't let the words get to them. "There's just no impact anymore because you keep seeing the same thing over and over again," says Scott. "We're just two normal people. There's always going to be someone out there that's not going to think about it (your appearance)."

Divine agrees, saying it's "hurtful" to read comments suggesting she's only with Scott for money. But the couple insist this isn't true, with Scott revealing she was very sincere from the start.

'I'm a hot wife - trolls say my husband's ugly and I'm only after a Green Card' (4)

Others have shown their love for the couple's romantic story and told them to ignore the haters (Image: Instagram / @divinerapsing)

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In a TikTok video, the couple answered some of the "weirdest questions" from the internet. Some were basic like "are you a real couple?" and others were personal or rude. Despite this, Divine and Scott took it all in stride.

Scott cheekily responded to a comment about Divine looking "very young", saying: "Don't let your eyes deceive you, she's way older than you think she is."

They also faced mean comments such as: "When you're at work I doubt she is loyal to you." and "This girl be mad using him. Sad thing is he doesn't realise."

However, they have many loyal fans who love seeing them so happy. One fan wrote under a video: "I love you guys so much!"

Another said: "One day people will understand that couples don't have to 'match on looks', but on energy and vibes. And they give me the same energy and I think they look pretty good together."

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'I'm a hot wife - trolls say my husband's ugly and I'm only after a Green Card' (2024)
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